Solo2 Protective Case - BLACK

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Solo2 Case 

Introducing the all new Solo2 Protective Case. The Solo2 Protective Case is an added extra level of security to help protect your Solo2 from drops, falls, slips and bumps.

There is no guarantee that the case will protect for every situation. It does not protect from water. It is not a license to throw Solo2 around and use it as a toy. Solo2 cases do not give any extra warranty to broken Solo2 devices. The case is just an extra layer of protection. 

We have tested the case by dropping it and banging it and it did very well. But again, there is no guarantee that the case will protect your Solo2 in every situation. 

The case is only available in BlackThe case is ONLY for Solo2 and not the original Solo.

Again, there is no guarantee that the case will protect Solo2 from any damage, but it will help!

An elevated rim surrounding the screen offers exceptional protection against drops.
Features a textured surface, for easy and comfortable grip. 

The case is a protective MP3 case designed to withstand impacts, drops, and other potential damage. It features a hard plastic shell and a soft TPU layer that work together to absorb and disperse shock from drops or bumps. Additionally, the case has raised edges around the screen to provide extra protection. Again, we offer no guarantees but it is an excellent protective case.


Product Type: MP3 Player Case
Feature: Shockproof, Anti-fall
Material: TPU + PC
Color: Black
Dimensions: 121.4 x 58.8 x 19.05mm

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