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The 24Six FamilyPlayer1 is sold out and this model is discontinued

Introducing 24Six FamilyPlayer, the first ever, 100% kosher, entertainment streaming device. The 24Six FamilyPlayer does only one thing: Play 24Six. Now you can have a music streaming device without any worries. There is no email, no camera, no browser, no notes, no GPS, no phone, no other apps and no way to add any apps, and most importantly no way to hack the device.

There is no home screen. The home button is 24Six. When turning on the device, simply connect to Wi-Fi, and hit home and just like that, you are ready to enjoy 24Six. It’s that simple.

24Six is the only app that allows you to have your values and your music too. A safe device for the whole family. If you don’t want videos, turn it off. If there a music genre that is not for you, simply block it. You control the entertainment experience of your family!

24Six FamilyPlayer is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Download the 24Six FamilyPlayer Manual

24Six FamilyPlayer does not include a subscription for 24Six. The 24Six FamilyPlayer is an amazing device with which to access 24Six in a kosher way. It is not in place of a 24Six plan. Check out our plans at www.24Six.app/plans, and create your account online today.

The 24Six app on the 24Six FamilyPlayer has a built-in auto update feature! That means, every time we push out an app update, your 24Six FamilyPlayer will get that update. Make sure to connect to the internet every now and again to ensure that you have the latest app updates and optimizations.

Returns, Exchanges and Warranties

No returns or refunds. In case of damaged or defective merchandise, please contact us for support at info@24Six.app.

24Six is selling the FamilyPlayer with minimal margin as a service to the community to be able to enjoy the Kosher entertainment on 24Six in a easy to use and safe way. We can not process returns and refunds at this time. Thank you for understanding. 



Product and Brand




Operating system








Power Source

Li-Polymer 3000mah

Battery Included


Audio Jack


Internal Memory

64 GB


4 GB



Product Dimension

6.53*3.05*0.37 in.

Product Weight


Screen Size



Need help?

Contact a member of our customer service team by emailing us at info@24Six.app.


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